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on[英][ɒn];[美][ɑ:n] prep.(表示方向)向; (表示对象)对; (表示位置)在…上; (表示时间)在…之时; adv.(放,穿,连接)上; 向前,(继续)下去; adj.活动着的情况,状态; 使用着的; 发生着的; 计划中的; 1.Americans will elect th...

on. My english book is on the desk. 我的英语书在桌上。 under. Under the tree, there is an old man sitting there. 有个老人在树下坐着。 near We registered at a three star hotel near the airport。我们在机场附近的一家三星级旅馆登记...

What did you do at the weekend? What did you do on weekend?

We checked in on Friday, and checked out on Sunday. 我们星期五入住,星期天退房。 He will be checking in on August 1st. 他八月一日会住进去。 He will be checking in on August 21st. 他将于8月21日入祝 Thank you for checking in on C...

The film has been on for an hour. 这部电影已经放了一个小时了。 It will be on tomorrow at the Red Star Cinema. 明天在电影院上映。 Many new films will be on soon. 最近要上映许多新电影。 希望能帮到你!

①The cat is on the box.猫在箱子上面; ②The cat is in the box.猫在箱子里面; ③The cat is under the box.猫在箱子下面; ④The cat is in front of the box.猫在箱子前面; ⑤The cat is behind the box.猫在箱子后面; ⑥The cat is next to t...


in 范围内eg:Shanghai is located in China. on 接壤eg.Hunan is located on Hubei. to 有距离eg.Japan is located to China.

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