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有点看不清,我试着回答一下:The; was; arrived; safer; but; to pull; be trained; disabled; up; companions.

One day, Jack went to school with his friend, Tom, in the morning. They talked about the movie they watched last weekend. Jack said:" That was amazing! I hope to see it one more time." While they were under under an exciting ch...

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自己选几段吧! Lang Ping, one of the most famous and respected individuals in the history of volleyball, has been hired as the new head coach for the US Women's National Volleyball Team. What if her team collides with the women...

Dear Wang Ming, How are you doing these days?I am sorry to hear that you were in a car accident and broke your legs by accident,which makes me feel anxious and upset.What I expect is that you are getting more frantic by the day...

一个姓Smith的先生,在不知具体是谁的情况下,只能用 a, 表示一个,某个。 The 表示这位或那位,只是说话人和听话人都知道的那个人。



期中考试总结 期中考试结束了,我所剩下的中学生活随着一次又一次的 考试逐渐变短,这次考试比上次有些进步,我认真分析了原因: 1、在考试前我并没有深入复习,只不过是看了看书。 2、临阵磨枪,突击,平时不善于积累。 3、复习没有重点。 其实...

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